Giving Back to Our Community

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Tenix Foundation was established in 2006 by Carlo Salteri AC, the founder of Tenix, to support charitable organisations working in the following areas:

     Underprivileged children – our children are the future of Australia and all Australian children deserve the opportunity to succeed.

     Education – an education is a passport to success and provides the opportunity for our children to achieve success for themselves and our country.

     Research – particularly in the area of medical research, helps to cure many illnesses and enable people to live a healthy and happy life.

The Tenix Foundation is funded by the Tenix Group of companies with approximately $1.2 million donated annually to charitable organisations. Since formation, the Foundation’s major areas of focus have been:

     Education of indigenous students in secondary and tertiary education.

     Early childhood intervention.

     Education and training of inner city youth.

     Medical research in the areas of childhood cancer, cerebral palsy, childhood brain diseases, adult cancer and Parkinson’s disease.

     Medical support for rural and remote Australians through the Royal Flying Doctors Service.

     Research in the areas of education, road trauma and the delivery of medical services.

In addition to the charitable work of the Foundation, Tenix was also a major sponsor of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra Education Program for many years and is currently a major supporter of Australian Rugby Union.