Learning & Development

Our commitment to our peoples' success is through our leaders and as such we provide both formal and informal leadership development to all our employees.
Jason Bowers, Human Resources Manager

Leadership Development Pathways

Future Leader Development Program

Our Future Leader Development Program is designed for new and emerging leaders within our business. The program runs for twelve months and is overseen by the People & Culture team in a close partnership with the operational areas of the business. Sessions are run to teach the foundations of people leadership with self-directed learning from the participants.

Team Leader / Supervisor Development

Team Leader and Supervisor development is ongoing. Training consists of a series of face-to-face sessions focusing on specific topics designed to further enhance the knowledge and skills of our leaders. These sessions also provide opportunities for our leaders to learn from each other and to create networks within our business. 

Manager Induction

All new managers and people leaders who join Tenix Solutions, or are promoted into a leadership role, will attend our Manager Induction. The session is tailored to introduce new managers to the key People & Culture policies and procedures, along with an overview of Work Health & Safety. This session is held once a month and is attended by our CEO – Ryan Brisbane. Ryan provides insight to the overall company strategy and shares relevant financial information about the company.

Leadership Opportunities

We have many employees currently in secondment or 'acting leadership' roles. This provides them with a taste of what it is to be a manager and a practical opportunity to put in place some of the theoretical knowledge they have gained. 

Learning Management System

Our on-line Learning Management System delivers our compliance learning program and a suite of other courses to support the development of our employees.  

Our LMS is web-based so employees can access the system on any device that can access the internet. Each employee also has the ability to print copies of their certificates once they complete a course for their own training records portfolio.

Courses available in the LMS assist the organisation with managing our mandatory compliance-based courses and policies, whilst also supporting employees with their own personal development through pre-built courses which are available in the course library.  

Comprehensive In-House Training

Most of our front-line employees in roles such as Customer Service Representatives undertake a comprehensive training program when they commence with the organisation. This program consists of teaching our employees how to use the various computer-based applications required of their role, together with side-by-side 'buddying' and real-time, on- the- job experience. 

By investing to up-skill our employees and increase their knowledge the aim is to set them up for success and to give them an enriched experience throughout their career with Tenix Solutions.