Outsourcing administrative processes to replace or supplement those of your organisation

  • Back Office Team - small
  • Document management
  • Customer correspondence: imaging, actioning and archiving
  • End-to-end paper document services
  • PCIDSS compliant payment processing
  • Database ‘look-ups’ to multiple sources
  • Mail-room processing, printing and distribution services
  • Capture and secure storage of all customer interactions
  • Daily payment reconciliation is a unique aspect of our service

Back Office Services


Back Office operations are our in-house resources to provide clients with solutions for outsourcing administration, customer correspondence, accounting, payment transactions and other essential services in non-customer-facing roles.

Utilising our services provides organisations with the flexibility to up/down-scale resources to suit changing situations – whether that means maintaining customer contact operations over holiday periods or adding resources to meet to peak demand periods.

Our Back Office teams have extensive expertise in their specific operational areas, when you are working with customers' financial and legal matters... experience is everything.

Outsourcing to an external resource introduces cost-efficiencies through overhead reduction, specialist skills, dedicated processes and cost-dilution through the volumes of work our teams handle. 

Tenix Solutions have a proven track record of maximising client revenue and reducing their operational costs, whilst improving process integrity. We deliver quality customer contact outcomes and system security appropriate to Government clients dealing with ‘life-sensitive’ customer data.