Our contact centre in Melbourne is staffed by highly-trained customer service agents communicating with people by phone, email, fax and mail.

  • Contact Centre
  • 100% on-shore customer contact staff based in Melbourne’s city centre
  • Multi-skilled staff managing calls, emails and official document processes
  • All staff receive training for financial, legal and life-sensitive customer contacts
  • Scalable resources to meet specific client requirements

Contact Centre Solutions


We operate a 300+ seat customer contact centre in Melbourne’s CBD with hundreds of agents processing thousands of phone calls, emails, letters and official documents every day.

The Tenix Solutions Contact Centre is strictly managed for compliance with government-level probity: customer privacy is paramount and security is central to our business.

A specialist aspect of our Customer Contact Centre is our end-to-end approach to contact resolution: multi-skilled agents are trained to process and resolve customer queries with minimal call forwarding.

Our staff are trained in several skill fields: infringements and offences, collections and customer relations skills. Agents are specifically trained to handle ‘life-sensitive matter’ discussions such as driving history, financial situation and legal repercussions.

Customer contacts are monitored for quality and performance with every call, email and document being recorded and permanently stored.

Strict KPI expectations are managed for call wait times and written correspondence turnaround times.

Disaster recovery, system redundancy and BCP plans ensure a robustness of service for our clients.