Recovering debt from people with unpaid infringements

  • Collections - Group
  • Our use of the latest collections management technology and software applications
  • One hundred percent compliance across all legislative requirements
  • Increased collection performance
  • Significant savings across lodgement and outgoing costs
  • A premium customer experience

Tenix offers a service to locate and liaise with people to recover debt from unpaid infringements.

Our Collections Solution includes locating the debtor, correspondence advising them of the debt, calls to discuss their situation and arrangement of payment management.

The benefits to our customers of utilising our collections service include recovering a higher percentage of debt than they would be able to in a shorter timeframe with minimal overhead costs to their organisation. Our managed collection process also ensures offenders are dealt with fairly, promptly and our clients are kept updated with regular reporting.

The higher rate of recovery can lead to greater compliance and safer, more considerate motorist behaviour.

The cost of the service is based on a ‘per instance’ collection fee.