Fully integrated modular software package designed to process parking and other local law infringements

  • NOVA Overview
  • Built on Microsoft’s .NET platform with a Windows-based user interface
  • Customisable and configurable to meet the needs of a range of government and corporate customers
  • Integrated evidence management tools compile photographs, voice recordings and notes with infringement records
  • Built-in correspondence management tools for processing inbound queries and outbound responses
  • Integrates with every major road authority in Australia and New Zealand

The NOVA Software suite includes tools to manage all correspondence including issuing original infringement notifications for mail distribution, receiving inbound responses from the public and managing template-driven replies relating to offences.


Nova PARK is a fully integrated modular software package designed specifically to support processing of parking and local law infringements, across the entire enforcement lifecycle. NOVA Park is the core product of Tenix’s compliance management solutions available either as a hosted software service or installed in-house on customers’ own networks, the .NET platform means NOVA Park is modular, robust, highly configurable to meet varied customer requirements. The Windows-based user interface is familiar and fully-featured integrating easily with existing devices and systems for compliance management.

The efficiencies which NOVA Park provide come from combining several systems into a single process: on-street infringement capture, evidence gathering and management, correspondence handling, payment and collection services and extensive reporting abilities.

NOVA Evidence

 Nova EVIDENCE is the module which manages evidential materials in a digital environment; enabling the upload of images, voice recordings and parking officer notes attaching them directly to the corresponding infringement record for processing and legal procedures should they be necessary.


NOVA Infringements

 NOVA Infringements handles high-volume infringement processing through the full lifecycle from camera detection through correspondence to payment.



 NOVA Case reduces the complexity of case management by providing a consolidated view of all cases being managed by an organisation. Automates processes and activities, driving cases to completion quickly and effectively.

NOVA Courts

 NOVA Court is a solution delivering complete electronic court management for compliance matters. Designed to remove the administrative burden associated with escalation of traffic and enforcement matters from the traditional court system.


NOVA Warrants

 NOVA Warrants delivers the highest level of compliance for recidivist offenders. Supports the execution of a variety of warrants with special tools to enhance productivity and collection of debt. Integrates with multiple field enforcement tools and is equipped to manage field officers.

Collection of payments for non-compliance offences are incorporated as is cash receipting for counter payments,

NOVA Reports

 Business Intelligence is a key strength of NOVA Reports with detailed reconciliation and audit reporting supporting all aspects of revenue collection and control as well as producing extensive data for community and traffic management planning.