Authorised parking officers detect parking infringements and issue fines

  • On-Street - Issuing Infringement Notice
  • A high-visibility approach to parking enforcement
  • Employing people to work in the community
  • Discretion is possible in detecting exemptions such as permit-holders
  • Accuracy of enforcement through the professionalism of officers
  • Community-friendly presence providing directions and information
  • High-level deterrent to encourage positive driver behaviour

A traditional parking management solution involving the high-visibility operation of on-street parking officers, regularly patrolling to monitor the time drivers are using community parking facilities.

Officers identify ‘parking over-stayers’ and are empowered to issue infringement notices with fines. These infringements enter the NOVA Park system for management, enforcement and collection.

Authorised parking officers use various methods to detect infringements including ‘chalking’ tyres, monitoring meter notifications, utilising in-ground sensors and various camera technologies. They are authorised to issue infringement notices on the spot or to review data and evidence back-at-base and send infringement notices by mail. 

Tenix Solutions employs and manages authorised parking officers to fulfil patrol duties for local governments and other organisations.