Technological solution to parking management through in-ground sensors feeding data to a monitored network of parking resources.

  • PODS
  • Proven technology through real-world deployment to clients in Victoria
  • Increases the detection of overstay infringements by up to 90% when combined with secondary detection methods
  • Feeds real-time data on parking facility occupancy and length-of-stay for web-based applications
  • Produces extensive parking data for analysis by planning and enforcement operatives

Parking bays are fitted with battery-powered sensors installed under the road surface to record vehicle movements and times.

PODS sensors can be configured to send data directly to mobile parking officers, prompting them to visit the location to verify vehicles and issue infringement notices.

The PODS system can also be configured for 'park-finding' applications providing real-time availability information via information boards or web-based apps to people looking for a parking space. This leads to a decrease in traffic congestion and vehicle emissions by minimising the 'circling' drivers need to do to locate a free parking space.

When combined with secondary technologies the accuracy and provability of PODS is overwhelming with precise arrival/departure time data matched to authorised officer testimony and photographic evidence.

PODS also contributes to the health and safety of parking inspectors by removing the need to constantly mark tyres to identify parking overstayers.

Data from PODS system is downloaded and stored for processing and analysis, contributing hard data to parking and traffic planning discussions.