Processing payments from customers on behalf of our clients.

  • Counter Operations 2
  • Secure and discrete payment services created for working with life-sensitive data
  • Flexible capacities for regular or irregular payment service requirements
  • Highly skilled staff trained in end-to-end management of accounts and settlements
  • Expertise in fraud protection and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) compliance

Collecting payments is the end of the story for most of our clients as we manage the entire process of locating, contacting and collecting due payments on their behalf.
Through our appointed agent we have the facilities to automatically process payments received in a number of ways: electronic bank transfers (EFT), cheque, cash, credit cards and through establishing payment plans.

When combined with other products our Payments Service forms a tailored Business Solution to manage delayed payments through sending reminders, negotiating extensions, arranging payment plans and if required we can take matters through to enforcement on behalf of our clients whilst insulating them from the entire process.

By outsourcing their payments processing our clients are able to leverage our expertise and get more prompt payment of more outstanding debts with a positive customer experience from our expert agents. Our staff are skilled and equipped for positive identification verification and working with ‘life-sensitive’ data.

Our Payment Systems are PCIDSS compliant and extremely secure against fraudulent payments.