Management of the evaluation of applications and issuing of parking permits

  • Permits
  • Better quality, faster, customer service through professional contact-centre staff using dedicated systems and specialist suppliers
  • Economies of scale through the use of shared services and infrastructure across multiple clients
  • Transparent and auditable permit services with an electronic audit trail to reduce permit investigation time and adhere to ISO quality standards

  • All permit records are centrally managed by Tenix for high-level data integrity

  • Permit renewals are automatically triggered based on client presets.

  • Outsourcing to a specialist providers enables council staff to be redeployed to other areas of business where needed.

Tenix has developed specialised Permit Management software and processes to allow us to manage the issue, renewal and payment of permits & licenses.

Our permit management solution focuses on residential parking permits for local government and on-campus parking for universities.

We currently manage more than 40,000 parking permits for six clients.