Our Solutions

Tenix Solutions is an Australian-owned company specialising in fully integrated infringement management and enforcement services, including debt and permit management for government and local authority agencies. 

Our services, systems and products include end-to-end operation of parking compliance programs from on-street enforcement (infringement issuing) to back-office processing (lifecycle management). 

Tenix Solutions was created in 1997 as a joint venture between the Tenix Group and Lockheed Martin to manage the Victoria Government’s Road Safety Camera Program on behalf of Victoria’s Department of Justice and Police Services. 

In 2002, we established ourselves as Australia’s leading compliance management company partnering with other government agencies to develop traffic and parking management programs that improve operational efficiencies and facilitate the payment of debt. 

Tenix Solutions also partners with more than twenty local government authorities to help them manage infringements, permits and associated services.

Offices and Resources

  • 1,000 square metres of office space in Melbourne’s Central Business District
  • Integrated product development area and workshop
  • Extensive IT organisation to provide system resilience and development 
  • Customer service services 

Annual Operational Statistics

Last year we processed over 4 million infringements for more than 20 different Government agencies which included 1.2 million enforcement orders and 397,000 warrants

  • More than 1.5 million phone calls answered
  • More than 75% of calls answered within 30 seconds
  • 385,000 infringements issued by on-street Parking Officers
  • 14 million notices and letters issued
  • 400,000 correspondences received 
  • 800,000 nominations received and processed 
  • 900,000 payment plans administered managing a $140 million debt pool
  • More than 70 enforcement officers deployed across Australia